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Our users help event planners sell more tickets by making a commission!


TNEVI is a free mobile application, modernizing a traditional model through the power of social networking, designed to create a vast community of users to become paid boosters to increase the success of events worldwide.  


TNEVI gives event Hosts, (event planners, promoters, producers, and artists) a ticketing and social platform to allow their fans and followers to share and personally engage with their events by offering them cash commissions. On the other hand, TNEVI recognizes the support of ticket buyers and rewards them with points for future discounted or free tickets.  


TNEVI also recognizes the exponential uncontrolled rates it cost to advertise a public event with huge uncertainty of the outcome. We believe by addressing this issue and our care to create an effective platform designed for preempting failure will help more events succeed.    


Eliminating or reducing Hosts’ marketing budgets and rewarding users with cash and points are just the beginning of an efficient system TNEVI developed for the successful outcome of more event. 

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